Goodbye 2014, not a bad year really!

Goodbye 2014, not a bad year really!

Well it’s been a while since I even looked at writing a blog on here but thought I’d close the year off with one, so here goes. 2014 is going to end as it started, single but a year older.  2015 means I reach the half century…50, really, 50? …not quite sure how I feel […]

Why’s it so hard?

As some of my friends will know I am trying to downsize.  Yes, I live in Social Housing, due to previous and present circumstances.  I cannot afford private housing or to purchase my own place. I wish I could but sometimes life throws things at you that you can’t get out of. Anyway this is […]

Canada…but not F1 related (Part 1)

1986 aged 21 and I got married for the 1st time to a man 19 years older than me the day after my 21st birthday.  I’d taken on 2 step children who were 5 and 9 years younger than me after their mum passed away from cancer.  We were given a council house in Ferndown. […]

Silverstone Blancpain 3/06/2012

Last minute decision to go to Silverstone to watch the Silverstone round of the Blanpain Championship led to me leaving home about 8am.  Dry when I left home, but got onto the A303 and rain. Luckily the roads were fairly empty. Had arranged to meet a friend at Cherwell Valley Services about 9.30, got there […]

Me and My Brother

Well my little brother is finally getting married.  I’m so pleased for him.  He has chosen a goodun in Becky!! Growing up Paul and I used to fight like cat and dog…can’t remember when we didn’t fight.  We did have some good times, but we certainly get on better now.  I know I can call […]

Everest for Emily

A good friends daughter is going to be climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp in September for the charity Childreach International.   This very worthy charity works with local communities in the developing world to help improve children’s access to healthcare, education, child rights and protection. Emily  needs to raise the minimum of £2450 to […]

F1 Season is nearly here

Not too sure where the last month has gone.  Started off with a bad back after slipping on the ice, just get over that and end end up with a fluey cold, which finally after 4 weeks is just about at it’s end. Busy making cards for Valentines Day….soppy people at work wanted them and […]