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Goodbye 2014, not a bad year really!

Well it’s been a while since I even looked at writing a blog on here but thought I’d close the year off with one, so here goes.

2014 is going to end as it started, single but a year older.  2015 means I reach the half century…50, really, 50? …not quite sure how I feel about this milestone.

Anyway 2014 was looking promising with an invite to go on holiday to UAE and tickets to the WEC at Silverstone, however both of those fell through due to a friendship going tits up…nothing new there!! Rinse and repeat several times over the last couple of years!!

January and I got to go to Mercedes Benz World at Woking with Matt and Pat who I met on my hols in November 13. That was a nice day out with them, they ended up buying a brand new Merc soft top…not jealous at all!! We went for lunch and then I had to get back for the dog.

merc benz world

I got to Thruxton for the BTCC testing in February which was a great few hours, the BMW’s looked fast and it was proven through the season that there were.  Nearly got run over by Flash in the paddock. Pic is of the winner in the unbranded car. Will hopefully get to testing again in 2015.

bmw thruxton


Need to skip a month or so before I get into the F1!! It was Dad’s 70th in April so we all went out for a meal to celebrate, nice evening had by all!

March brought the start of the F1 season, no races for me in 2014 apart from watching on the TV.  Cheering on Jenson again and it was looking fairly promising at the start of the season.  Mercedes Team seemed to romp it every week.  Danny Ric did really well and really showed the Vet what he was made of!! I did go to Silverstone for testing after the British GP and ended up in the paddock for the day.  OMG what an amazing day that was. I got to stand in the pit lane and take lots of pictures, nearly got run over by Danny Ric (Little devil aimed for me I think!), got to go into the Williams Garage and watch Massa and the team set up for a run out.  Met the lovely Jules Bianchi and Massa.  Talked to Massas wife and watched their little boy kick around a football in the paddock.  If he doesn’t go into motorsport he will probably end up a footballer, a wicked little kicker. It was very surreal being in the Paddock, seeing peole that I’ve seen on the TV being interviewed each F1 weekend.  The only downer of the day was that JB wasn’t there, probably a good thing really!! The rest of the season passed very quickly with a Mercedes Team win and Lewis as Champion (JB again next season!!).  Really sad about Jules and hope that he keeps fighting #ForzaJules

Silverstone July 2014 029 Silverstone July 2014 057 Silverstone July 2014 086 Silverstone July 2014 102


After Silverstone I had a horrendous journey back to meet up with a friend on the way home for a couple of hours, horrendous rain and thunderstorms, which luckily stayed away during the day. Nice catch up with friend though and great tea maker 🙂

August and I got to meet up with Mary, Kate, Emily and Megan in London for a couple of hours after a meeting.  We had lunch in the National Theatre on the South Bank. They actually do really nice lunches in there! Lovely to see them all again!! I won tickets to Wilton Classic and Supercar show so went with my Sis in Law Becks. It was a hot humid day and I was melting.  Didn’t seem as many cars there this year and I don’t think I actually kept any of my pics as they were all very samey from the previous years that I have attended.

September and I won tickets for Ascot.  Me and my best friend Steph went and had a great day, no winners for me though, Steph had a couple. It was Mum and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in September too and we all went out for a meal.

October ended with a mini heatwave and me sailing off into the sunset on P and O’s Azura.  I was expecting a great holiday, but unfortunately it wasn’t a great experience.  I did meet some nice people, I celebrated my 49th birthday and I visited some nice places.  I would like to say that I would travel on the ship again but don’t think I will.  Most of you will have seen my pics on Twitter or Facebook so will just put a few in here.

Caribbean Cruise Oct 31-Nov15 2014 061 Caribbean Cruise Oct 31-Nov15 2014 126 Caribbean Cruise Oct 31-Nov15 2014 143 Caribbean Cruise Oct 31-Nov15 2014 204




I arrived back mid November and then back to work and started getting ready for Christmas.

December is here and the decorations are up and I’ve started getting bits and pieces as I am doing Christmas Dinner.  The first time my parents have left their house on Christmas day since they have been married, which is 50 years! Christmas Eve and I start the prep, all the veg sorted and the turkey crown cooked.  Christmas morning, yet again on my own with the dog.  We had a few pressies to open from friends and neighbours which was nice! Out for a dog walk as it was a lovely crisp morning. Started the cooking about 11.  Everyone arrived about 12 and mum and dad started on the G and T’s, Becks and I on the rum cocktails, Paul on a coffee!!  Presents opened and dinner cooked and served up, wine drank, dessert eaten, cheese and biscuits and port.  More presents and coffee and mints.  Washing up done in between the courses (note to self – dishwasher required – preferably male and hunky!) Everyone left and I finished tidying up, had a bath and collapsed on the sofa.  I survived my first family christmas in my house!! I think it went rather well!!  I’m just too organised 🙂


So the in between Christmas and New Year – quiet as will my New Years Eve be.




Lets see what 2015 brings…hopefully a healthy, happy year with lots of exciting things to do and see.


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