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Why’s it so hard?

As some of my friends will know I am trying to downsize.  Yes, I live in Social Housing, due to previous and present circumstances.  I cannot afford private housing or to purchase my own place. I wish I could but sometimes life throws things at you that you can’t get out of.

Anyway this is just a post really about how difficult it is to downsize.  I have been on the Homeswapper site for 6 years since hubby and I split and have had no luck.  I just want a 1 bed place, ideally 2 but that wouldn’t be right as it’s just me.  I have now found a 1 bed place but the chap wants to move to Devon due to personal circumstances.  It looks like someone has a place for him, but they are relying on someone else and then I need to try find someone that wants to move to mine…following this ok?  That’s the problem, not all homeswaps are straight forward.  I thought the Government were supposed to be making things easy for people that want to downsize?  I am not seeing any help.

As it is I can’t move until ex is taken off the tenancy, I have no idea where he is and don’t really care.  There appears only to be the homeswapper site or I sign up to the waiting list and fight it out with the many thousands that are trying to get housing.

Why can’t the Government pull their finger out and help the people that want to give up space to let larger families have what they need?  My feelings are that the Councils need to take back control of  housing and ensure that people are filling the homes properly as the homeswapper site, as good as it is is not being used correctly.  Too many people wanting to go into something larger when they don’t need it.

For those that poo poo people in Social Housing, yes there is a stigma, but gone are the days of cheap rent.  Most of us cherish what we have and work hard to keep it up together.

So anyone from Government that reads this, please sort out this little problem as I would imagine that this would help lots of people out if Common Sense was used.


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