Silverstone Blancpain 3/06/2012

Last minute decision to go to Silverstone to watch the Silverstone round of the Blanpain Championship led to me leaving home about 8am.  Dry when I left home, but got onto the A303 and rain. Luckily the roads were fairly empty. Had arranged to meet a friend at Cherwell Valley Services about 9.30, got there bang on time!! Quick pit stop and picked up a few bits for lunch and headed off to a wet and cold Silverstone.  Not having booked tickets we were directed to what seemed the furthest car park. Bit daft really considering there was hardly anyone there and they could have let you in the circuit to park up.  Anyway we found the ticket booth and away we went.  Walked through to the paddock and had a wander round the cars…only 3 races on the Sunday and a few people with their own sooper dooper cars allowed on the track.

Lambourghinis galore…ugly boogers, but the sound from them is pretty awesome 🙂

Went past the United Autosports VIP area and saw Mark Blundell chatting away before the race. 

Walked through to the pits and onto the pitlane, wandered up and peeked into a few garages…awesome cars!!

Made our way over to the stands ready for the start, about 50 cars getting ready to line up for a very rainy start.  

12.45pm and the cars are off…Safety Car start as it’s still pretty wet out there.  2 laps in and the Safety Car comes in and away they goooooo 🙂

One thing wrong with this event was there was no live timing or screens set up.  Makes a difference when you can see what’s going on in other parts of the circuit as you certainly can’t hear the tannoys.

Anyway the BMW came storming round with quite a good lead already…Race Leader at start of race

Stayed in the stands for about hour and half. 2 BMW’s fighting it out for a couple of laps and finally the No.3 got past. Very cold and wet, rain had eased but we were getting a bit wet from the spray on the track…headed off down to get a hot drink and use the loos…argghhh what a sight, blue lips, blue chin and teeth wouldn’t stop chattering…just wanted to go home and get nice and warm…however after a hot drink a few chips we decided to have a wander over to the Wing and watch the cars come through there.  Some pretty good moves around some of the corners, raining again but not long now until the end of the race so wandered over to Luffield to watch the last 20 minutes.  The cars looked very slow going through there, although they probably weren’t.  BMW no 3 was the winner with Audi’s 2 and 1 coming in 2nd and 3rd.

Headed back to the cars and off home, yep you guessed it, pouting with rain and so many cars without lights on.

An enjoyable day, apart from the cold and wet!!


2 comments on “Silverstone Blancpain 3/06/2012

  1. Shame about the weather! I love the cars in Blancpain – the sounds from the McLaren’s last year blew me away!

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